Chilli is a delicate spice, its flavour flies off just like a perfume

People have been using our Basque chilli for 5 centuries.
The gastronomic spice of Basque country, available in powder form or in paste is rich in lycopen and antioxidants. It can protect you against cardio-vascular diseases and certain cancers. Moreover the chilli helps you to enhance your immune defense system.

Harvest will start in August and last until the end of November.

We grow our chilli peppers on the lands of the Ursuia moutain, far away from everyday’s traffic.

Our unique Basque spice has a lovely brick-red colour. Without cooking, just sprinkled on the side of your plate and it’s a delight on top of grilled fishes, salads and pasta … Its flavour is a delicate blend of tomato, pepper and hay ; it is more aromatic than hot. This chilli pepper was brought back across oceans by the Spanish and Portuguese Conquistadores.
It is used in the Basque Cuisine to flavour and spice such dishes as piperade, tuna fish marmitako, axoa, hake or chipirons (squids)...

This particular chilli pepper that is grown in the canton of Espelette is an annual plant that belongs to the Solanaceae family, as well as the tomato or the goji berry.

Biperduna grows the best home produced chilli pepper in the planting area surrounding Espelette. All the surfaces where our chilli pepper is left to dry are made out of quartz. They are as smooth as marble and regularly cleaned and sterelised.

Réalisation : Bansard Bruno